My Wedding Snapshots

I love weddings that are full of traditions, family, happiness and nothing gets better than this heart warming, intimate soiree as ours held at a beautiful temple. It just felt like a fairy tale but a real one. Now.. because I’m shy and can’t handle showing you pictures of myself yet, let’s look at some of the defining moments.


Finally, after a long wait our wedding pictures reached us safely. And then we realized that there were over 5000 pictures and 1000 videos that we still couldn’t manage to scroll through. Over the past few months, we did crack jokes and re-visited the day many times while checking these pictures remembering that we are so lucky to have been living the days that we always planned and crafted with each other.

“We laugh everyday! Every morning he makes me a coffee and calls out from the kitchen ‘So So’. He says it in a voice that infuriates me but makes me laugh at the same time! ” Of Him, I say, “He is a very gentle and a kind person who sees the best in everyone and brings out the best in me. He is a culinary genius …a real one like Remy from motion picture Ratatouille!”


That day, when I walked down the aisle with two of my best girls along my side it was absolutely beautiful. It began like this, the three girls waited at the salon as our turns came, the makeup ‘artist’ painted my lips red, eyes bronze and decorated me much more. Just like Lana Del Rey’s Grammy award winning song:

“I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Done my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off, I’m feeling alive”

We were all decked up looking as a perfect bride and bridesmaids.


I have always heard about the first look between bride and groom. Just the way it is said in “27 Dresses” – “There is nothing quite like THAT first look between bride & groom and when you find that he is waiting for you at the end of the aisle just the way you always expected is the moment typically a girl plans to witness entire her life.”

But its never about just having a beautiful wedding, its much more. When I saw his face, everything felt perfect because what really mattered was in front of me.


The day went so fast it was all a huge blur and I wouldn’t change anything! I think my favorite moments would be walking down the aisle and realizing that I was actually getting married, the girls and my mom walking besides me giggling  and making me blush even more..towing him around The God four times making promises about staying with him in sickness and health and just being in the moment realizing that how did we get so lucky? This was a million dollar question that we kept asking each other since last few years and we haven’t been able to answer that.


Apart from actually getting married, the best thing for both of us was having all the people who mattered the most to us, all in one place joining us in the celebration. We were overwhelmed by the love we were shown by our family and friends. Often, we hear a lot of people say that they have a heap of “obligatory invitations” sent to people who they don’t really want at their wedding but we didn’t feel like this at all. Everyone at our wedding was there because they are valuable to us in an amazing way. It was a wonderful feeling.

Something we will always remember is how it felt to walk out of the temple as a husband-and-wife. We kept smiling and laughing with one another, completely happy in the moment. There is just no feeling like it.

“What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another rest on the same pillow.” – Nathaniel Howthrone


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