Thai Masterclass

Do you like learning various cuisines and cooking food for guests in order to get nice praises in return? Well, I do.

Recently, I registered for a Thai Master Class organised by Gourmet It Up through their online website. I met this group at Farmers Market few weeks back at  The Westin and found the entire concept very innovative. Gourmet It Up partners with the best restaurants in Pune and Mumbai to provide us with unique and exclusive dining experience. Along with masterclass and dinning, they also provide mixology experience. To know about various dinning options, visit:


This Masterclass was held at Malaka Spice, if you did not visit this place so far then it is a MUST try. The decor is melancholic surrounded with bamboo tress, has serene music, laid back atmosphere and art gallery which exhibits the artwork of upcoming modern artists from Pune. Here are few glimpses captured before the masterclass had begun:


We were given neat cooking manuals which had detailed recipes of Chef’s signature dishes. The menu comprised of  1. Momo’s, 2. Grilled Skewers, 3. Thai Salad, 4. Thai Rice, 5. Thai Red Curry and 6. Honey Noodles.

Once the picture clicking was done it was time to start the Masterclass.  We all watched intently as our Chef Shatrughan explained his recipe for Momo, do’s and dont’s to get the most moist and steaming ones.IMG_2229

He recommended to use stock power to help build and balance flavors and add sweetness to the Thai dishes making them flavorsome without being heavy.  Great tip from Chef!IMG_2228

Once the momo’s were steamed appropriately, it was time to taste it. It  was perfect warming and soothing starter for cold afternoon.


The momo was served with a soy and onion dip.


The next dish on the Masterclass menu was Pumpkin Salad. In Thai cuisine, a lot of salads are based on shredded papaya or cucumber and chili’s. The traditional way to make is to shred the papaya with a peeler and  crush it in a pestle. The Chef recommended to keep the shreds on ice to maintain the crunchiness of the salad.


The next dish was Grilled Chicken Skewers. Personally, I had cooked Thai skewers twice and every time it had turned out to be good.  To my delight, Chef’s recipe was most authentic and completely different from my version. He taught us a method that wouldn’t need me to buy a separate satay or a peanut sauce. These skewers were the most Savoriest ones.


The group jotting down, recording — tips & tricks of cooking pan-asian food.


The next dish was Thai Chicken Red Curry with Coriander Rice. Chef made this using all natural herbs and spices.  But…you can cheat and use a Thai Red Gravy from a supermarket (which is not recommended by Chef) but it will save some time of those who are called as a working women.


The final course was dessert and Chef prepared Honey Noodles and served it with Vanilla Ice-Cream. It was absolutely delicious and crispy.  There were some rather interesting noises being made as we ate it and yes, it was heavenly good.


Asian Masterclass at Malaka Spice was was the first  initiative by GourmetItUp and I am glad that such innovative activities have started to happen in Pune. Being a food enthusiasts, I have been meaning to learn and experience such live cooking sessions.. which is possible now through GourmetItUp.

Thank you so much GourmetItUp for the fabulous day, and of course to Malaka Spice and Chef’s.


This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook — Try new recipes, learn from your mistakes. Be fearless and above all have fun. – Julia Child


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