Sushi At PRET

Finally the search for sushi ended at London’s PRET shop. I was wanting to learn or eat at Sushi bar from last entire year but it seemed that all the places selling or making Sushi had vanished from all possible places.

Amidst, at every girls shopping paradise that had Chanel, Valentino and Michael Kors – All I could get for myself was a Box full of some Sushi & Wasabi.

Given a chance I could eat such fresh product everyday. It had a very savory soy sauce packed in a fish shaped pet-bottle. Now I wish I could have kept it as my own little souvenir….Until I go back, I will keep it in my Wish-list.

PS: I never really liked uncertain London rain!



2 thoughts on “Sushi At PRET

  1. Eddie N says:

    I am a big fan of everything Japanese. I can recommend quite a few nice, cheap places London. How about checking out this one of a kind store, the only one in Europe with a Sushi Borito concept. It’s in Leadenhall Market and it’s called Hai Street Kitchen & Co.

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