Atlanta Fair 2014

This past weekend we went to see Atlanta city fair. This fair lasts until the spring break kicks off and hence it was our last chance to go and enjoy it. This suburb has been pretty chilly these last couple of weeks but thankfully this weekend it warmed up some more. After having good Indian meal for brunch, we headed to the Atlanta Fair downtown. When we first got there it seemed really small and we weren’t sure how much fun it would be but it ended up being really great!
We clicked enormous pictures, ate desserts, tried a carousal too! Though I couldn’t try turkey legs and hot dogs due to ongoing no-nonvegitarian food season. Sobs!
More than the rides and street food, this place was filled with kids running all over it. My significant half asks me many times that why do kids jump and run all the time!  Aww, we couldn’t really figured out that. I must not have seen so many kids with painted faces at one place. A face paint was available for $10 which was tempting looking at the fun kids were having after getting spray painted.  May be it was an aderaline rush from cotton candy or funnel cakes… the sugar did give us a good high after all.IMG_0310

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