Cherry Blossom in 2014

Welcome Pollen. Finally, I got struck! I have been boasting about my immune system since past month but finally my sinus surrendered to pollen allergies. Achoo! Spring has sprung. Despite the odds, Dad and I went to capture Spring in St.Louis. Besides who can stay indoor when there is so much to see outside.  Here are snapshots through his lens:10170909_765080196865076_8316449939952438101_n

As if Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” Everywhere the tress are blossoming and the yards are covered with pink petals.. I never knew that Cherry blossom is speculated to be native of the Himalayas. Or may be I was too young to notice them when I went to see Indian north pole – 24 years back!1907311_765080386865057_6074795311700939329_n

A vibrant pink Empress tree in a full bloom at the neighborhood.10155270_765081630198266_6952732440990306588_n

There was a bit of a chill in the air and a slight breeze, but otherwise it was a very pleasant morning. It would have been nice to lie under these trees but everybody said, it makes one sneeze a lot.  These tree’s are in full bloom all around the neighborhood.  The bees and butterflies are also a fan of these pretty flowers.970200_765080370198392_6640768655068666091_n

White Magnolia tree in full bloom.

White crab-apple blossoms.1902955_765080446865051_3445093395316698789_n

Over the next few days, these blossoms will gradually turn pink before dropping off.10275916_765081333531629_2828699056316326210_n

Looks like, by late next week the blossoms will probably be on their way out. It is possible there might be some still around the end of April, but they will be fading fast. But there will of course, be many other flowering trees out in the region.1924580_765081513531611_8495278194333684980_n

I thought to publish the instagram version of these photos but then the “edit” doesn’t really do justice to these pictures.

One thing I realized that I keep reiterating in my blogs every once in a while (And Touch-wood!) – That who ever said heaven is on the earth was never lieing. 


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