May Musings

Can you believe it’s May 3rd already? Where had 2014 gone? Wow. May is here, May is here! May is officially my favorite time of year now – no more hot days where I have to battle the sweat, no more up and down in temperature. For, now it’s slow beauty of the season changing to my favorite time of the year. Trees turn red, skies become grey, tights and boots are pulled on and bedtime is more about snuggling under warm sheets and less about angling the fan to just the right position.

Happy Sunday lovelies! I’m just popping in with a quick post to share some feel good pictures that I have been clicking.

My latest sweet fragrance, it makes me feel like flowers are blossoming everywhere.20140504-155211.jpg

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 11th.20140504-155226.jpg

I met with my painting that was made in 2009 & it is still alive & looks even better. As if it grew matured with time. It sits on the wall at St.Louis.20140504-160219.jpg

Teavanna a spirit warming Chai by Oprah Winfrey.  Amazing aromatic chai that I tried in tester cups. Must try to beat the heat.20140504-155349.jpg

Finally white clouds in a blue sky. Who would say a No to long walks on sunny spring Sunday.20140504-155236.jpg

Here’s wishing you a weekend filled with the kind of fun and relaxation that you’re hoping for!


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