Music – A Mindfulness

Music is like an antidote for us – My significant other and I. We live mostly on music as if its a necessity…that connects and reconnects us every time. There have been times I have told him that I love you mostly because of the music choices you make.  Its kind of witty but seriously – You are what you listen to.

Lately, I am listening to Spotify – A commercial music streaming app that includes a radio feature for free and premium accounts. It also allows one to  create a random playlist of songs chosen based on the favorite genres or styles. I loved this app overall, mostly because I failed to bring my music collection to this alien continent and apparently, without music nothing kicks off in my life. But now I have a collection of  music through Spotify. Highly recommended app.

I am someone who would download weekly iTunes top 10 because I like newness in music. I like the feeling of passing by a restaurant or sitting in a coffee shop listening to the  music that I can relate to. We often say to each other that there is so much music to explore but the underlying note that touches the heart remains the same in all types. It is empowering!

I have realized that music is like a meditation to me. No theory can explain the awesomeness that I  feel on discovering a new music or an artist. Science would call it a dopamine effect but we wont need science to tell us why we love music. Isn’t it?  It is our way of Mindfulness.

In my free time, I am looking up online for various music artists that I can connect to. Here are some of the Spotify tracks from my playlist (I stole most of the tracks from my significant half because these are just awesome). These are not new ones but something worth holding on to :

Sticky Fingers by Above and Beyond

Beautiful Things (Photon Project) by Andain

Feel Good by Robin Thicke

Wicked Games by Parra for CuvaNothing But You by Paul Vyn DyKe Up close with international DJ Paul Vyn Dyk at a concert held recently. It was so much fun to see him play live music. Sometimes it feels world is such a small place and yet too large. Likewise, as far as music is, it’s all around us … all you have to do is explore, listen and simply enjoy it.

You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars. ~ August Rush”IMG_2542.JPG


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