Memorial Day

This Friday will be much-needed for those who want to rest & relax and get-set-ready for their long weekend break. Though its bright & shiny outside without a pinch of grayness in the sky, I hope it stays like this for next new days.20140523-131846-47926971

I am using this last day of the week to rest, hydrate and loosen up as much as possible so I can enjoy the getaway with girls. We have been planning this since over a month now and I think because it is all girls trip, it is well organised.

It is almost Memorial Day weekend here and the weather is hot-humid. And we are heading to the beach in South Carolina. I’m going to enjoy the birds and the heat, the emerald tree canopies, wander off the streets and experience the history. I will be a little self-indulgent and will definitely get a long spread breakfast. This place is known for their bed-in-breakfast menu’s. I will relish on lemonade and perhaps grill fresh salmon fillet and brussels sprouts for lunch and some more fresh sea food for dinner.

I am going to read, enjoy the sun and perhaps take a nap on the beach. Like everyone else in the U.S, I have long needed this long-weekend and I am reveling the fact (repeatedly) that the weather couldn’t be any better.

I may even sit with my notebook and write. What a wonderful thought.

Happy extended weekend if you are in the US. Or a short happy weekend back in India.


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