Savannah, Georgia

I was lucky enough to take a trip to Savannah, GA and it was so much fun. It was a much-needed getaway for me after harsh past 3 months in an alien continent (which is beautiful).

Savannah is known for its civil wars, haunted history, cotton trade and so much more that this trip wasn’t enough to explore the lost lanes. This town reminded me of “12 Year Of Slave” and  ” The Butler” because slave trade was their business one time! The city is famous for its innovative and grand Spanish architecture. An absolute southern charm.foley-house-inn-savannah-01

For this reason, may be it was used as the backdrop for many films including Forrest Gump. The bench were forest sits waiting for a bus has been stored in a nearby museum.10296997_10152167064760847_2672281677119653888_n

It felt nice to explore walking areas, cobble stone roads and staring into nothingness of wind, sky and air. However, since this district is supposed to be haunted , getting lost or losing each other was seldomly prescribed.  There were tramps tours for visiting haunted mansions and gravestones. Sources said that in 2003, the American institute of Paranormal Psychology named Savannah as america’s most haunted city. Many people say that the city was built on dead burials due to the lack of land, buildings were erected on tombstones & cemeteries. Many blood battles were also fought here. By the end of our Savannah trip the word “Orb” got really famous between us!20140603-140219-50539457

We were told to go to river-front by some of the friends to see the river-street and indulge in fine food, drinks, shopping and fun..We preferred to walk the town and explore it lane-by-lane in the pricking humidity of Savannah but the view was more than expected.10346195_10152167064715847_3899372619814920910_n

There are pubs, bistros, inside and outside dining, live music, cold beverages, frozen yogurt and candies. Over 20 restaurants displaying slate menus of fresh seafood, steaks, Cajun, Mediterranean and fresh-baked goods.  Don’t you just love these colorful boards?IMG_1560

Catch of the Day: Walking down cobblestones, these are the stone streets that I couldn’t stop photographing. 20120216Savannah 004

Checking out monuments and dipping in and out of shops can really work up an appetite! And you can’t visit Savannah without sampling the seafood. So when our tummies started growling we headed to “Tubby’s” for a laid-back atmosphere and relish on coastal cuisine cooked up with southern flavor! (Of-course we did some research before visiting this place)IMG_1590

Finally, Candy shop was our last stop before we ended our trip. I have two words for you – Pecan Pralines.
These delicious right-out-of-the-oven, melt-in-your-mouth treats were to die for.  I am not ashamed to say that I went back twice times for samples of these! Our visit to Savannah would not have been completed without a visit to this riverfront shop.IMG_1610
I am happy to report that we did not run into any ghosts during our stay!

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