Taste Of Alpharetta, GA

There are no monuments, historic sculptures or stories about ancient civilization. This city cares and lives only on food. I happened to go to the streets of Alpharetta on May 08th to experience taste of the town.

Chefs from restaurants all over the city came out to give people a taste of what they were cooking up. The annual Taste of Alpharetta brought thousands of people to the city for music, drinks and of course food.20140621-151803-55083567

The food portions were tiny samplers that allowed us to try many delicacies worth just 3 to 4 tickets. Each ticket was just 50 Cents! I think a great marketing strategy for food critics and restaurant owners back in India to promote their food business.IMG_1168

There were little plates filled with delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts and almost everything. Culinary demonstrations, activities and entertainment to please every palette. Music Stage with harmonic rock/folk/R&B bands.20140621-145111-53471057

A separate Culinary Stage with pair top area chefs against one another in contests. The contest included prizes for – Best Appetizer/Salad, Best Fast Casual Entree, Best Fine Dining Entree, Best Dessert, Best Presentation and many more sections.

Totally an experience worth enough but unfortunately I didn’t come across any new cuisine that wasn’t
available in India or something I tried for the first time. I may not have explored enough or may be India has developed a pallet for everything! Nevertheless, I will keep looking for something new. For the evening, I got what I wanted of all the food Counters. Sushi!IMG_1177


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