JELO Pudding

Feels like it’s officially Summer and I am already looking forward to the flavors it brings. 

Back in India, Summer meant Mango – The official Indian fruit that marks the beginning of harsh sunburns and scorching weather. In the Alien country, I still haven’t tasted summer fruit of Georgia which is referred as a Peach state. But despite all these facts Strawberry remains my chosen favorite fruit for Summer.

When we were asked to prepare a dessert for an upcoming Sunday brunch party, I thought I will combine these summer fruits to make a refreshing dessert.

So, this is a 5 minute, 5 ingredient dessert recipe. It requires – Fresh Cake Shells, Whole Milk, JELO, Fruits and Mint leaves. Tip: Use canned fruits and add-on additional fruits if required. This will save a step of sugar-coating the fruits and in turn will save us from consuming more calories. 20140609-212117-76877509

Add JELO to 3 cups of milk and whisk for 2 minutes so that it sets. Now chop additional fruits and add it to the canned fruits.  I used ample of fresh strawberries as it is just apt for summer.20140609-212209-76929050

Use the canned syrup to moist each shell and layer it with JELO and fruit topping. Garnish it with mint leaf and enjoy the delicacy. It was definitely a guilty pleasure. This indulgent dessert can be flavored with  any type of JELO – Vanilla, orange, lemon, coffee or liquor and it will be the perfect end to any meal.20140609-212312-76992924.


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