Parra For Cuva

They do not have a Wikipedia or a Fan page. In search of “Parra For Cuva” when I looked up the online search engines, I came across only Soundcloud, Beatport and occasional Youtube videos. I only first heard this music few months back but i am delightfully addicted to their simple sound tracks.

It all started with their cover version of “Wicked Games” and seems my fascination started to out grow with every next track that I heard. So, why not I write about them if no one has written before?

Parra For Cuva is a German album formed and produced by electronic music producer “Nicolas Demuth” in collaboration with vocalist “Anna Naklab”. The music is moreover a blend of alternative and deep house. Quite subtle, ambient that every chord will make you feel heart-full and lively. Parra For Cuva has been influenced by the compoaser and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. The producer who learnt audiodesign in New Zealand released their first album in Spring of 2013 and decided to name it Parra For Cuva with the help of a Spanish and Portuguese dictionary. Parra means “Worlds” and Cuva is “Girls name”, perhaps something like “Between worlds for Cuva”.

Slow, soft and light tracks that every down-tempo fan could ask for. The most delirious track, I felt apart from their 2013 release is “Swept Away” featuring Anna Naklab’s beautiful vocals is my favorite. All of their tracks are worthy enough for a thumbs up. (Tip: The lowtempo sounds best with good pair of ear phones)

Swept Away

Wicked Games


Small Flowered

Exploring music is such a fun and when you end up choosing something so tranquil it really feels accomplished and worthwhile. Happy TGIF.


6 thoughts on “Parra For Cuva

  1. Ikade says:

    do you know Parra for Cuva ‘s Artist Facebook page,….. There you can see his posts!
    his Webpage is coming soon……

  2. Saurabh says:

    I love parra for cuva, one of my all time fav is wicked Games❤️

    Pro Tip: listening any track twice may turn u addict to parra for cuva kinda low tempo deep house😎

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