Helen, GA

The idea of getting into a river may appeal to anyone right away. With the similar intentions, we headed to the Chattahoochee River in the Alpine city of Helen to explore it and experience famous German culture. 20140707-230541-83141178.jpg

More than the culture what intrigued us was “Tubing”. The town had it hoardings all over. A local native said it is an entirely relaxing way of exploring the river – whether you would lazily make your way down or haphazardly.

All along the way through the timberland forest of North Georgian lines of river, we spotted a variety of wildlife including native birds, rabbits, chipmunks, deer, and more! The tubing path even lead us through the village of Alpine Helen, under the bridge and over the shrubs. After almost 3 hours of natural floating that consisted stepping down the river to cross big river rocks, getting drenched in rains, drying out etc.

This experience gave me  plenty of time to truly escape the craziness of the real world, all of the electronics, hassles and truly focus the attention on laughing and splashing each  other.

We headed back to the main reason we came to the town – to explore the German culture.20140707-230541-83141068

The town had several tiny coffee shops. The taste of Coffee at “Higher Ground” has become my best coffee experience so far in the country.


Hansel & Gretel candy shop.20140707-230541-83141130.jpg

 This town is also famous for one of a kind Ocktoberfest.20140707-230540-83140897.jpg

 I wonder how will this place look during Christmas! If I could then I would travel to-&-fro this place every week…only if I can. Who knows may be I will re-tube this place come Christmas noon.


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