Group Therapy – Above & Beyond

My significant other says that he feels this is the best era for music and I cant agree more. I have lived past years listening to the most beautiful music that I could ever explore.. Just like history categorizes era between “Before and After Christ”, I would like to do it pre and post “Group Therapy”. Those who knew – Above & Beyond, they established one of music’s mostly popular weekly radio shows called Group Therapy. This group has consistently topped the charts with their masterful productions and I like them because they have meaningful songs – Not sad or happy but something that will take you through the day and make you enjoy everything around you. It will just lift you up no matter what.

I thought why not post some of their tracks and dedicate a blog post to this legendary trio? Jan 24, 2014 they performed acoustic show at London that was aired for their fans around the world including India. I must have watched this 80 blissful minutes of show hundred’s of times on “YouTube” but still couldn’t get enough. I say it many times in my blogs that most of the things are addictive but somethings are compelling…you just tend to fall for them. Here are some of the tracks that we have enjoyed together:

This track is a combination of two songs: “Singing Satellite” and “Stealing Time”. The way the later has been mixed is breathtaking and Richard Bedford’s voice is most honest and heartfelt..

Next song with Alex Vargas’s vocals called “Alone Tonight”. His voice with that pitch and the instruments are beautiful. An effortless voice yet perfect.

Sticky Fingers another Alex Vargis track. We call it mood changer, its witty, peppy and fun.

This is a famous track called “Thing Called Love” initially released in 2011 as an upbeat electronic song but I preferred acoustic version recorded with Alex Varges in 2014.

There is an entire story behind our attempts to go to “Above & Beyond” concert. But we haven’t been successful in our wish-full-thinking. This is definitely on the cards sooner or later.


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