Love Never Felt So Good

The first ever album that I bought was “Michael Jackson’s – Dangerous”. It was one warm Sunday evening in a part of India where two little girls holding dad’s hand were exploring music and then we saw a picture of Mr. Jackson on a cassette and wondered how would it sound.  When I heard “The King of  Pop”, I was moon-struck and till-date the impact of his voice remains the same.

There are very few artists who can back-fill Mr. Jackson’s voice and fill the void that is created since the time he passed away. XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs and one of  the posthumous track “Love Never Felt So Good” sung by Justin Timberlake as a guest  artist sounded honest. It is a good match and it did a lot of justice to it . This song was first recorded as a demo in the 80’s but the song has been released as the first single post Michael Jackson’s death now. I usually don’t like when an artist’s music is released after their death, but I must admit this one does feel pretty good.

This song is a treat to watch Michael Jackson, his moon walk and street dance. A bigger treat is to see people trying to match up to the steps and fit into the shiny shoes of Mr. Jackson. Justin Timberlake trying to match  the vocal style of Michael Jackson is the biggest treat. The video is happy and feel good.

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