Ed Sheeran +

The immensely talented Ed Sheeran has been making some great music and a name for himself for quite some time now. Having been nominated for Best New Artist last year, he is one of the current favorites for 2014. He has worked with Taylor Swift in studio album “Red” and written songs for One Direction past years. His genre is mostly Soul, folk, melancholic but I couldnt understand if it was one of a special kind.

 Personally, I like a subtle tone on any given day and with Mr. Sheeran’s radio-friendly and melodic abilities I don’t mind giving-in for this artist. The lyrics are melodramatic most of the times and that’s why some of his songs were featured in daily television soaps.

These tracks are from his debut studio album “+” which mostly consists of love songs not sappy ones. These are for those who claim to be not teenagers anymore… and are grown ups who used to get crazy-drool on such songs onetime.

“Give Me Love” – Surprisingly, its a waltz!…too rear to have come across such smooth, progressive ballroom track these days.

“Kiss Me” another track from his album “+”.

On a brighter side, I always wished these songs were life. Actually having someone love me for me that was my wish upon a star! So thanks life for giving me what I wanted. For now, subtle nostalgia.

Did I ever mention these songs were showcased on “Delena” from supernatural television drama “The Vampire Diaries”. I am sure we are aware of that.


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