The Vampire Diaries S5

Running little late! Yes I am. I was dreading from watching season 5 finale of TVD.

Sometime before:

I took a deep breath, clicked 21st episode of “The Vampire Diaries” knowing this is the 2nd last episode until my favorite character dies. I poured a warm beverage and felt miserable. It was -1, fire on and I knew the finale will be too much to take for. With every vanishing sips of my Pinot Noir the TVD S5 episodes were ending. This meant a long wait to know Selena or Delena’s faith but eventually the fact was that we were departing with Damon Salvatore’s fictional character for another year! However, I decided to go through the season finale…mustering up whatever it was.

Shortly, realizing – Yes, we all love the spoiler alerts but sometimes they can be fatal. I have known through my sources… One of which was my own sister ARGH! that the elder Salvatores “The darkly handsome” character portrayed by Mr. Ian Somerhalder as “Damon” dies in the finale.
Not sure how Elenas character can cope up the trauma of Losing her loved one while the younger Salvatore stays by her side. On the brighter side, TVD is being shot at Covington, Georgia – It’s the home of mystic falls. It has the Salvatore mansion, Gilbert residence and its an hour from Atlanta. For us ,  “Somerhalder” fans can go to Covington street to get a glimpse of “What’s & What’s Not” happening Or wait until S6. What’s the rush, right? However, come fall, S6 kicked off with Stefan shown in Savannah, Georgia. Afterall, for TVD – Atlanta has become their home & for us “The Fans” it’s not a new thing to see them shooting since past 5 years. Or I wonder if such is not the case!

Something to hold on to: Reading TVD books were worthy for me due to which I came to know about these supernatural fictional characters.. closely but the television series was eventful and screen writing intelligent.

PS: The TVD writer is impeccable. Hats off to the script. Its no lame. And hence I saved a tiny droplet of tear for it!




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