Branson, Missouri

Luckily holidays in US tend to fall on Fridays or Mondays thereby making it a long weekend. On one of such days we planned a road trip to Branson, Missouri. A Vegas look-a-like, musical city with enormous live-entertainment minus Casinos.

This city is an apt family destination with ample of fun activities available for every age. We started Friday afternoon and after a beautiful four hour drive through the Ozark mountain chain, we arrived at “The Chateau on the Lake” Resort. Surrounded by maple and oak trees and set next to on the Table Rock Lake.IMG_2879

While the initial hours were spent exploring the resort, clicking and capturing every bit of it. The later were spent touring city lights, relaxing in pool and indulging in midwest comfort food.

The following day, it was nice to wake up early morning out of the little rock and be on the lake hiking and trekking.IMG_2968

It is not a Gulf but with the mountains on the horizon, beautiful sunrise and boats sailing in the lake it felt like a harbor.IMG_2974

After a good walk and soaking up sun we headed back to the resort where scrumptious and elaborate breakfast waited just for us! IMG_2886

Laid back breakfast is best part of vacations as you don’t have to rush anywhere and neither did we. I think, this was the most relaxing part of our vacation – Sipping freshly brewed coffee over a warm lake view.IMG_2882

The day two was the most productive – We took-out time to explore Branson in the AM at around 100F on this unusual commute – A “Duck Ride” that partly rides on the road and transforms to sail in the lake. My nephew and I waited eagerly to see it convert into a boat and imagining the big splash it will create when it enters the water. It was fun beyond our imagination.

When temperatures soared, we kept the whole family cool by spending the rest of the day dipping and sipping Mai Tai and Appletini’s inside the pool rejuvenating ourselves and getting ready to see the night life.IMG_3029

The main attractions included Titanic, Ripley s Believe It or Not, Hollywood Wax Museum and much more.


We accomplished a lot in this getaway but truth is that our desires did not satiate  and we tend to kept wanting more. Wishing we had another day saved+left+reserved in this beautiful Silver Dollar city…we finally said bye.


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