First Wedding Anniversary (2014)

On the eve of today and the year that we had, I’m overwhelmed. For once this year feels like sunshiny, unclouded and fair. It is passing so fast yet all the memories are clear…like a crystal. If this is how my years are going to be with you my Mr. Right then I’m amazed. I want longer days, extended weekends, leap years and everything with you in its entirety. Because you made my fairy-tale real and every moment meaningful.

My significant other is not a big fan of “I have life on my mind” nor PDAs or clicking pictures to “Help the memory“. Moreover, he respects my space by not being intrusive and gives me all the time in the world to make honest decisions. Despite these facts – The next few stanzas are coming from the highest order.

I like the fact that we have spent a quality time together that’s the reason he can finish up my sentences and I often  know what his next statement will be or what he is thinking. This makes “living” a breeze with him. I like the fact that he is kind and has the biggest, truest and most honest heart. Hence, often I wonder, how did I get so lucky? But past years taught me that sometimes there are no answers to the “Why’s” and for the 1st time ever I cant agree more. I like the fact that we are in a same team and that he is 1000% on my side just like I’m on his. I like the fact that he cooks better than I do. I would be happy if he keeps using his culinary skills. But I know that I will eventually have to gear-up.

I like the fact that he likes Minions and would giggle watching them so I would watch him and giggle too. I like that he is not rushed into things and would pace himself. After-all time is what we have. I like the fact that he is a thinker and yet patient and positive. I like the fact that he choose me and stood-by-me despite the fact it was me with my menace.

I could go on and on writing about him, but I will spare you all. Just know that what I am feeling resonates with what Carrie Bradshaw described in SATC that Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. And making of mine is in progress with none other then the man who keeps complimenting me in every stages of life.

All that being said, here’s welcoming the Second year of marriage.


I don’t have much to give, but I don’t care for gold
What use is money, when you need someone to hold? – Sam Smith


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