Tom Odell – Another Love

Its not everyday that you come across a good radio edit, so make sure to check out this edit of Tom Odell’s “Another Love” from Zwette – A German house producer. 

Tom Odell is 23 year old English singer-songwriter who won the BRIT’s Critic Choice Award in early 2013 under Indie Pop genre. This Radio Edit is a perfect blend between electronica and piano driven pop while the original track can be found on Odell’s debut studio album Long Way Down.

Both the tracks are amazing but I liked the edited version better than the original. Here’s the soundcloud link:

PS: While I was scribbling on this post, thinking and watching AMAs today, every bit of me said that I have to go to the Sam Smith’s Concert in Atlanta. Those who watched him perform live at the American Music Awards today know that his on-stage performance is exact similar version of his studio album. In plain two words. Phenomenal Precision! But it wasn’t even his concert and hence imagine what will it be like? Holding that thought for later, while the moment of truth is that the winning spree for “In The Lonely” hour has begun with Sam Smith winning in the category for Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist 2014. Mr.Smiths hours are not looking lonely anymore. Pun intended.



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