GRYFFIN – Dance / Electronic / Soul

Seriously, sometimes second times, chances, edits are good just like proof-writing. And this goes exceptionally well with Music. Lately, I have been listening to the musical recordings of Gryffin and its an unstoppable spree of continuous goodness.

Gryffin is a New York producer who has remixed some of the top pop/rock songs on the radio and turned it into melodic house jams. The most recent remix of “Animals” by Maroon 5 continues to show why he is one of the most talented and up-and-coming producers you need to add to your watch list. It’s like when all of us needed him, he comes down from the clouds through a sea of light and blesses us with these powerful house tunes…

This special Maroon 5 song had caught my attention since its inception and mostly because of Adam Levine. Chuckles! Moreover, I have been a loyal Maroon 5 fan.

 With Griffin’s official remix of Maroon 5’s “Animals”, he lays down a deep, pulsing bass and his signature live guitar over Adam Levine’s sultry vocals The young producer says…

“Growing up playing the piano and guitar, I was very inspired by Maroon 5, so I’m very proud and excited to have been asked by their team and Interscope to create a remix.  I tried to really reinvent the track here, and create an atmospheric, slick vibe for the listener. I really hope you all enjoy it!”

However, here are some of his blessed tracks that are worth listening:

1. “Animals” from from the album V (“Five”) by Maroon 5.

2. “Beggin For Thread” from the album Goddess by Banks.


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