Salty Dog Cafe – Hilton Head, South Carolina 

Salty Dog Cafe – The first thing that comes to the mind is unhygienicness and dog-hair in the food! But ironic it was. Past month when I was out in the Midwest far from the southern charm, I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that read “Salty Dog Cafe” and I had a reminiscence. It feels recent that I had visited this quirky beach town cafe located in Hilton Head Island. It is situated in an area called South Beach in the Sea Pines Plantation on a deck upon a cove.IMG_1719The story behind this cafe is intriguing – Once upon a time a dog named “Jake” rescued the owner of this cafe swimming through a sea storm for consecutive 3 days and hence the name.  

Georgia through the southern states, many are found wearing “Salty Dog  Cafe” t-shirts due to its compelling mythology, food and characters.It was great to sit out there and breath in the fresh air looking out at the Braddock Cove.  I realized that Southern culture is really unique as compared to other parts of America. And may be that’s why their cuisine, musical styles (Country, Rock & Roll and Jazz), agricultural background says a lot about them.IMG_1750The live country music was being played while southern greasy comfort food was being ordered & severed there. Such a look-a-like of “Rammer Jammer” from “Hart Of Dixie”. IMG_1748The deck actually sits right by the marina there so you get a nice view of the boats as well.There were little shops right next door on the water as well. We sat on a deck with salt breeze in our hair still wet from beach walk. The Salty Dog is known for their seafood and we were at the beach so I knew I was definitely getting seafood! I ordered “Calibogue Shrimp Salad” as recommend by the chef. This Salad was one of the first ones that kicked off their business in 1987.  The salad was fresh and I felt like explosion of flavors in my mouth, truly delicious. 1002214_10152162958105847_4915784529949023330_n

Another southern specialty is sweet tea that I would never have tried unless insisted by a friend. We filled as much ice-cold tea in our cups as we could for our journey ahead. This place was perfect for our style of dinner on vacation. Good food and country music. Great time. Just plan to visit this place with some time in your hand and it will be totally worthy.


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