Historic Downtown Of Roswell, Georgia – Alive At Five

It’s almost end of the year and I’m still catching up with 2014. I do not mean to list high or low lights but I have so much to write about. Sadly, 2015 is upon us and entering our lives in all the possible ways. Next few weeks I will post about the places, experiences and life lessons that I had in 2014. Not that the world will end if I do not do it… I am just making memories every single day.

Everyday is so far new as it should be. And each forthcoming day will be but at the same time I am trying to absorb every bit of passing day. Some do it through pictures or videos, I am doing it through my blogs. Having said that, the next pictures were sitting in the draft box since Spring and I meant to write about it.

The historic downtown of Roswell hosts “Alive @ 5” as a yearly traditional street-food festival. This was the second food-fest that I attended this year and it was as good as the previous one. IMG_2260Nearly 3000 people experienced arts, food, music and entertainment in this festival. This event is held on 3rd Thursday of every month from April through October and starts at 5 PM, hence the name.img_4428Since its a historic downtown, the shops were unlikely unusual, antiquated and were mostly real, organic.IMG_2267Some of the houses were converted into shops which had a proper residential decor.IMG_2271Imagine the smell of warm doughnuts, ginger bread or cinnamon spiced candles – The atmosphere was warm like that. I really liked this particular section and the way all the colors looked against smoked brick floor.IMG_2269The best part of the event was gourmet-quality food trucks that offered a unique menu and flavors. We didn’t have a sit-out or dine-in option but the entire experience was  different in a good way. I ended up buying crisp coconut chicken with a peach juice and it felt tropical midst the southern charm.IMG_2281

However, highlight of the event was one special food truck named “WOW” that was featured on Food Network’s (TLC) Cooking Channel – Eat Street.IMG_2282Wow stands for “Wonderlicious on Wheels” is part of Duck’s Kitchen in Decatur, serving savory stuffed corn cakes – or arepas – in addition to other menu items like “My Oh My Tomato Pie” and “Crispy Coconut Chicken.”IMG_2284

Back in India my significant other and I used to watch this show drooling over these delicacies..

But who knew it’s a really small world.

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