Thai In West America

We walked in here just out of chance because we reached ahead of our hotel checking. My significant other likes to explore restaurants in search of  hidden worldliness which I call taking a like a leap of faith. If it wasn’t him, we would never have had such a experience on american soil. A small place named “Thai Pepper” upon the paradise road of Las Vegas became our hangout place past vacation. This place is open until 4 am, away from the strip and casinos bustle, reasonable prices and lovely food. We used to sit there on long morning hours planning our night, sipping over thai ice tea and talking about all the craziness from night before. OMG! those days were epic.


We ordered and tried several restaurant favorites like Kungpao Chicken-lo main, Satay with Papaya salad-sticky rice combination, basil recipes over curries that were so delicious that we kept coming back for more. Honestly, I never had thai better than this in America! Writing about it makes me want to get on a plane tomorrow!


Everything about their Satay’s was delicious and I could never have enough of raw papaya salad. The salad was really flavorful, made with brown sugar, chilies and lemon juice and topped with spring onions, peanuts, and tomato. It was right to say that only thing that made this dish right is proper combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavors. My heart and taste-buds were sold at the site of harmonious this plate looked! 


Usually, I do not like to place orders that much but Oh! now I know why I don’t bother to place an order when I am with my girlfriends! But the key to never going wrong with food is – Have significant other choose it for me! Because he has a great taste in everything, especially food. And while, if.. I am by myself, I try and make blunders by ordering most outrageous food. Because whats the use of not trying and repeating stuff all time? Because life is short and there is too much to explore. Who doesn’t like newness in everything?


On a given day, I will definitely revisit this place…only if I could again. Extra awesomeness for amazing Thai tea.  And please do not judge me, I wasn’t posing but head-down relishing.  Reasons like these…I loved Vegas.



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