Magic Kingdom // Orlando, Florida

Growing up I never liked Barbies but became fond of Disney Princesses. Disney movies along with their Princesses have conveyed powerful messages throughout our lives apart from their normal trait of singing songs with cute forest animals to marrying Prince Charming while wearing  amazing wedding gown. Literally, when I was placed in North America for work, I looked up Google Maps to check how far is “Disneyland”. And to my delight it was just the next state.

Growing up, I aspired to visit two places that remained close to my heart  a.k.a “Dreamland”.The first being Walt Disney at Orlando, Florida and second Eiffel Tower at Paris, France for the reasons that I have. Gladly, I and my significant other kicked off new year visiting my childhood dream destination “Walt Disney” at Orlando, FL.img_5559The Magic Kingdom is divided into five areas all meeting at the top of Main Street U.S.A. that has a pre-1990s architecture and colorful shops. IMG_6287As you pass under the Main Street railroad station, you will find the “Theater” on your right.This theater offers the most popular meet-and-greet area for Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There is also a “Main Street Cinema”, an old fashioned movie theater that shows movies about Mickey, Minnie and their friends.IMG_6300The main street is filled with cute little sit-down restaurants, candy shops and coffee joints. We even grabbed our very own favorite Java Chip from “The Main Street Bakery” that served Starbucks.IMG_6288 The streets were covered with lovely decorations due to ongoing Christmas and New Year celebrations. Though the park was overly crowded and wait time for every attraction was over 50 minutes, the festivities in the atmosphere had amplified the entire Disney experience. IMG_6292 The first of five lands at Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland is based on Disney’s classic animated films. The first attraction we saw was Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Princess Mermaid – Ariel” the boat ride above and under the sea was magical. Few more noteworthy Princesses in this land are Belle, Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. A perfect place for those who always wanted to meet fairies and see their land.As we headed to the Froientier land, we took time to hop-on to “Disney’s Railroad Train” that moves through each land and makes commute easier. Plus, it is fun to sit back, rest and see the park at ones own pace.

This land had many character attractions to my surprise like Tom Sawyer, Picos Bill and many more. We hopped on to a mountain railroad, a runaway train of “Big Thunder Mountain” that took us to see more of America’s pioneer homeland in a roller coaster way.RailroadThe next ride in this area was “Splash Mountain” and we were lucky that we had a fast pass access. Based on the 1946 Walt Disney film, “Song of the South”, this ride features the antics of Brer Fox and Brer Bear’s attempts to catch the wily Brer Rabbit as he looks for his laughing place.This is a must-do ride.

Splash_mountain_-_magic_kingdomWe stopped by at this beautiful Columbian restaurant Harbour House at Liberty Square that featured seafood-based delicacy to get much needed carbs and get ready for next attraction. I felt Liberty Square is best described as “low key” in comparison to the other “lands” here.OrlandoAnother attraction here was “The Haunted Mansion” that was really not spooky if you are above 5. But fun and nice experience. Doesn’t this wait time castle look Grimm?IMG_5649Meanwhile, the people were getting ready to see much acclaimed “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade”. This character parade consisted floats, costumes, fireworks and soundtracks from popular Disney films. In this parade, we saw nods to The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tangled, Frozen and Brave, as well as many others. I will definitely recommend a fast path access that was sold out for us and be present there before 20 minutes.IMG_7178-0

We were dead tired as we approached Adventureland after the Parade. It was a tropical, Hawaiian-Caribbean land filled with banana trees and wild-colorful birds. We relished on “Dole” desserts and watched sit-out show called “The Enchanted Tiki Room“. You can give it a pass unless you need a nap! The other next big attractions were “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin”, “Jungle Cruise” and “The Pirates Of Caribbean“.

Oh My oh My, I was so glad to have taken a fast path access to see the Pirates and our own favorite “Captain Jack Sparrow”. I loved it and wanted to go see again.There were still enough attractions left to explore including Tomorrow land but we headed to see one last show that we didnt want to miss. “Wishes” is the largest fireworks display ever presented at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at Cinderella’s castle when it is fully lit up at night. 


And there were magical fireworks!IMG_5704

 When the time came to return back to reality, my steps got heavier.  I walked slowly, teary and enchanted. After all, It was too much magic to take in a day.  But I had to make a piece with the fact that real life cannot be a fairy tale. And with all the beautiful memories, we departed on a monorail.



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