First Birch Box

Who doesn’t like awareness about new beauty products? Or getting a first hand review from our girlfriends? Or free beauty samples? I think all the Ladies can’t agree more! To look good, preparation and efforts should be invested in finding right products. When it comes to makeup, skincare or hair-care I consider myself adventurous yet cautious. 

Probably due to this, approximately 4 years back researching online I came across a subscription based beauty product website “Birchbox” but could never find a similar concept in India. Sitting in India, I couldn’t do much but just go through the website, read reviews of their products and promotions. However, now that I am here in America, I am trying to take as much experience as I can with Birchbox. It is a 10$ subscription per month.

So this February, I ordered a Valentine Birch box for myself. Afterall, we all need to pamper ourselves with little bit of awesomeness. Once I signed up, I needed to answer beauty questions about my hair, skin, eye color, problem areas, products that I like etc. Based on which Birch box will send me a box with 5 products.

This morning, it arrived after a wait time of 10 days. And it was addressed as “Kindhearted Sonali”!IMG_7356

Fully decked up in orange-pink box with mint lining. It’s a cute box! May be I can use it for storing jewelry.IMG_7349

Here’s what I got in the Feb-box: 1. Nelsonj Beverly Hills Moisture Healing Argan Oil Hair Mask, 2. Supergoop CC Cream with SPF 35 broad spectrum, 3.Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser, 4. Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner Pen 5. Clean Skin Perfume (Sample).IMG_7348

Additionally, received a free “Benefit” sample with a purchase of their full-size product.IMG_7347I am happy with #1 since I love Argan Oil infused products and have been using such products regularly since last year but never really tried their hair mask.The second best thing in this box is #4 a liquid eyeliner pen that I always wanted for drawing a proper winged eye liner. I think I wont wander Sephora aisles anymore in search of winged liners now! My search ends here.

Apart from that I am not too happy with this box. Birchbox sent me more hair & skin care products rather than make up. I didn’t receive a single color palette! Besides, I would like to get my samples in a purse over a box. May be due to such reasons, I will cancel this subscription and try IPSY for next month.

Nevertheless, on the brighter side I finally had my first, much awaited “Birchbox” experience. And I cant wait to get my Spring IPSY box. Hope it comes with better products, colors and spring.

PS: I kept my subscription for Birchbox until March just to not quit on it. 


And I felt a remarkable difference. The products were far better than previous month. I received 1. Full size: Beauty Protector – a leave-in conditioner, 2. Mirenesse – Glossy Kiss lipstick, 3. Full size: Jelly Pong Pong highlighter, 4.  Embryolisse – face moisturizer and 5. Harvey Prince – Sincerely a perfume sample. 

However, next few months I will be looking forward to get IPSY and may be something new after that. Thanks Birchbox for sending me these boxes.


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