Alexandria, Virginia

I wanted to write about the place I visited last Summer. It was around the same time this year, at the onset of Fall. Alexandria, in the East Coast of America, just minutes away from Washington, DC is usually like a Southern State: Warm and Humid but around this time of the year it was getting Colder. Since we were on a tight schedule, we could only visit Potomac River Front in the Old Town of Alexandria and skipped Mount Vernon.  

 We visited Torpedo Factory Art Centre on the way to Waterfront, if you are into art this is your place. It was initially a Naval Torpedo making center which later was converted into a art gallery. Now a hub to many live artists, studios and artwork. IMG_2180.jpgLike every other Old Town or a Historic Downtown, Alexandria had Compact & Leisurely paced Boutiques, Restaurants and Coffee Shops. The Sidewalks had interesting streetscapes and long narrow alleys that felt enough like walking in a European region. I personally felt it was a great walking city.

I usually wonder about the waterbodies in this country, its blue as if gallons of ink was dissolved in it. The Sky, radiant blue. Sharp! The Waterfront was absolutely Serene, Colourful and Graphic…if we Only had enough time, I would definitely have come here to sketch some art and paint.


It appeared that Alexandria’s culinary scene varied from various Global Cuisines to Outdoor Cafe’s. Couple of blocks around Kings Street and near Waterfront offered various choices. 

We stopped by for few drinks and snacks at Mai Thai.

A fact find: Paris may be known as the most Romantic City in the world, but Virginia is for Lovers and Alexandria was just named the #1 Most Romantic City in the U.S. Even the DC elite came to Alexandria to impress a date—including President Obama! The president spent his anniversary with the first lady at Restaurant Eve and Valentine’s Day at Vermilion.

In my opinion, this was the 2nd city after Pigeon Forge, TN that was just spectacular and charming in its entirety. 

From here, soon we were headed straight to the airport to catch our respective flights only wishing we had some extra time to tour and learn the history of Alexandria.



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