Las Vegas      

Recently, when my significant-other was asked to pickup a travel destination of his choice, he chose “The City That Never Sleeps”  a.k.a “Sin City”.  When we booked a long vacation, we thought who goes to Vegas for so many days but we were not only dazzled but charmed and overwhelmed by this city. 

So if you are planning to visit Vegas “Sooner or Later” here is my itinerary of must see places not so whimsical style but a mix of classy, with few adventurous drinks and with abundant fun.

First place we visited was “Fremont Street” also referred as “Old Vegas” located in the downtown. Filled with vintage casinos like “Golden Nugget” and “Binnions”, live shows every corner and concerts with cheesy performers. Every 15 minute walk, you will see someone dressed up as Elvis with a Guitar. The crowd was alcohol lubricated-carefree and from obnoxiously dressed to prom dressed people were found there. Among-st were awesome street performers and musicians. Do not forget to zip-line at the gigantic overhead projection screen (which is largest in the world).IMG_4648The drinks were cheaper, the pubs had more “alternative” and with lot of lights the street looked really old school; they even had an 80’s tribute band playing on the street. I felt that this place was sincere, authentic and true Vegas as compared to the other areas of this city.IMG_4613The next morning, we went to see “The Strip” at Las Vegas Boulevard. About 4.5 miles long, this street is filled with dramatic resorts, architectural representations of Paris, New York, Venice and Cairo in Casino Style. There are exotic entertainment shows, high-end brands, gondolas, drive-through wedding chapels and many more unique venues. Below is how it looked from “Stratosphere” where we stayed during our visit.
Typical must-see places included – Catching the dancing fountain show at “Bellagio”, the erupting volcano at “The Mirage”, Eiffel Tower Restaurant at “Paris”, Brooklyn Bridge and Hershey’s Chocolate Factory at “New York” and Egyptian pyramids at “The Luxor”. Of all the depictions, I loved the Italian themed “The Venetian“.  Despite it’s buzzy casinos, this hotel had interesting ambiance with artificial sky, canals with gondola rides, restaurants run by celebrity chefs and beautiful architecture.vegas_venetian_inside_tall_01We explored few restaurants on the strip and in downtown, some of our favorites remained: Thai Pepper Restaurant (Read My Review About It Here), Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood, Sambalatte Coffee Lounge & Espresso Bar, Martini BLVD. Cocktail Company. 

Brazilian Grille “Pampas” located in Planet Hollywood had above and beyond ambiance. It is situated at the end of brightly lit ally and serves authentic Brazilian food. A must try if you like exploring food.IMG_5075We also visited  “The Linq” which i felt is most hottest and trendiest spot in Vegas. It is unexpectedly quirky street with graffiti, artwork painted on brick walls, multiple music venues and a high roller Ferris wheel. Some of the places to check out are Ghiradelli Chocolate, Sprinkles cupcakes, American’s one of the favorite Yardhouse and Martini BLVD. Cocktail Company. IMG_5286-0Walking by “Martini BLVD. Cocktail Company” the sounds just attract you in. We entered into the doors (since we both live on mostly music, we had too). It was cozy and dim.The musicians play underneath a large multi bulb light fixture. We shared the space with Jonas Brother’s, Christina Perri and then I realized that next to us was sitting Colin O’Donoghue (Known for his role as Captain Killian Jones “Hook” on the Sci-fi series “Once Upon a Time”. I used to watch this tv-series for him!). One thing that I repent that night was taking a picture with him..I was so engrossed listening to the music and looking at my significant other that nothing else mattered. But nevertheless, I felt it was the classiest place to be in Vegas.BLVWe watched couple of shows at “The Variety Theater” at Planet Hollywood Casinos during our stay. I do recommend “The Ultimate Variety Show” and “Comedy Hypnosis” by Mark Savard was bit embarrassing at several occasions and we were glad that we didn’t volunteer for it. However, we really did want to watch “Zombie Burlesque” but all the shows were pre-booked.  


Las Vegas has shows and attractions for everybody be it sports, music, comedy, circus, or anything else you can think of. We got to meet Dr. Evil, had my first Jell-O shot experience, met show-girls and visited a celebrity chef restaurant.  Few things I wanted to do but opportunity didn’t persist or I couldn’t dare were taking thrill rides at “Stratosphere” (Though we stayed here but even after a lot of persuasion by Mr. Significant Other; I was freaked out). I would also love to visit “Buddy’s V” ristorante (a.k.a  TLC’s Cake Boss), watch “Absinthe” the show at Caesar’s Palace that was sold out. And probably, I will want to re-tie the knot in the blink of an eye at a Wedding Chapel.

I always thought that Vegas will be quite a tacky experience. Perhaps it was a bit but there were some beautiful casinos and over-the-top places that should be visited once a life-time. We accomplished making timeless and ever-lasting memories. And in the process, we learned that it is possible to have a sophisticated weekend here unlike what is shown in the movies.