Niagara Falls, NY

After switching two planes, I reached Buffalo, NY around 3 PM. It was a beautiful day. The Sun was shining, crisp air stirring the wind and it was my Birthday. I rushed through the baggage claim towards the Parking lot, eagerly waiting to meet the two little beautiful boys. My Nephews. There was hugging, smiling, pulling cheeks, cuddling, jibber jabbing, and thus we were heading to see all the worldliness of Buffalo, NY.img_1231We spent some time at the hotel & got dressed up to go to a Japanese Restaurant  called Kumo in Depew, NY. Indulged in Sushi, Sashimi and Saki. Since we had an early start, we had to cut short that night. The next morning was dewy, it had rained from last night. While the weather was foggy, we were determined to still make most of it. We ate nice hot breakfast, had multiple helpings of coffee, packed the essentials and started heading towards Niagara Falls.

 Niagara Falls consists of three Waterfalls – American, Horseshoe and Bridal Veil placed between New York, USA & Ontario, Canada. In reality, it takes one to cross a “Street Light” on the Rainbow Bridge to enter a Canadian territory and a valid passport.img_1264The Rainbow Bridge connects The American side (right) with The Canadian side (left).We reached a crowded Niagara State Park around noon. The Pedestrian bridge to Goat Island at Niagara River is below. This river spills over and transforms into The American Falls.IMG_1269.jpgThe State Park was a great place to unwind, relax and take a break before starting the tour.IMG_1286.jpgWe bought our tickets at Niagara Reservation State Park and headed through the Observation Deck towards “Maid Of The Mist” tour to see these great waterfalls up-close.IMG_1290.jpgThe American Falls are to the left and Horseshoe Falls reside at the centre.IMG_1316.jpgThe American Side wears “Blue” Ponchos unlike the “Red” ones from Canadian Side. We wore the ponchos and waited eagerly for our turns to get on the Commodious boat. The boat sails right in front of the falls, taking you through all the three falls. (In the backdrop, a Red Canadian boat is moving towards the Horseshoe falls as seen from the observation deck.)img_1298This ride lets you get really close to the Falls witnessing the power and strength of water as it roars down the rocks into the Niagara River. We knew that we were going to get intensely drenched but every water-drop was worth it. However, it limited our usage to photography.MaidofMist.jpgThe similar Maid of the Mist boat from Ontario, Canada crossed our way is seen across the Niagara river.We came back that evening to the state park to watch illumination by Niagara Falls. This beautiful view is available every dusk through midnight. Another major attraction here is Cave Of the Winds; not available at the Canadian side. This tour wasn’t there initially in our agenda but we decided to take it.In preparation, you get a Poncho (Yellow, this time!) and Water-Proof souvenir Shoes!IMG_1436.jpgCave Of the Winds is a cave behind Bridal Veil Falls but the access to this cave was closed due to some mysterious reasons that we couldn’t know. This tour is now available through wooden walkways built at the base of this fall. And you can stand right underneath this waterfall and get drenched to your heart’s content. IMG_1439.jpgBeing so close to the falls was incredible and I am so glad we did this. It’s crazy and scary and just fun. This place is scenic beyond imagination, did you ever walk through the Rainbows? I did! The mist rises so high into the air it creates clouds in the sky. When the sun hits the waves in the right way a rainbow forms from side to side.IMG_1441.jpgThis trip was an impressive experience, I am quite content that we spent ample of time to explore all the areas and experienced it thoroughly. I have heard people say that Canadian side is prettier than American but on the contrary, I think American side is more exotic as it isn’t commercialised with stuff like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Turkey Leg Stalls! But I will have to see Canadian side to make a judgement.

Niagara is a great spot for Vacation: If you are considering a trip, here are some tips: I highly recommend staying close to the American Falls as to easily access the State Park. Be sure to visit Niagara Falls in the evening to witness night lights and fireworks. Take a trip to the Maid of the Mist and do not skip Cave Of  the Winds.