The Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee 

  I recently traveled to the state of Tennessee with zero expectations and realized that life gives more when you are seeking nothing in return. It is said that Smoky Mountains are best during The Falls with its gorgeous colors and landscapes but honestly, the mountains were equally pleasant and welcoming during Spring.img_88242We rented Tennessee style cabins which had game tables, hot tubs, XBOX, air hockey and  everything and more. The best part..rocking chairs, hot breakfast with an amazing mountain view!  We spent some time visiting Gatlinburg, TN Located in the heart of Smokies. This resort-like town, nestled in the mountains of East Tennessee, is known for it’s beautiful scenery, great shopping and colorful history.

In here, I came across “Moonshine” an alcoholic in house produce. Apparently, during old times Tennessee started brewing it due to governments control of alcohol trade. So they decided to just keep on making their own alcohol, completely ignoring the federal tax.img_8794We visited one of the distilleries – “Sugarlands” a popular attraction where guests are invited to taste “Moonshine”, an authentic Sugarlands Shine. It was my first moonshine experience and we tried almost 9 different flavors. It was definately one of the highlights of our vacation and I would go back in a heartbeat! Of all the flavors, I picked up appallacian green apple.We also visited “Cades Cove” in Pigeon Forge,TN which is the most visited area of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This 6,800-acre valley is located about 31 miles away from Pigeon Forge and is known for its beautiful landscapes. If I wasn’t married, I would have chosen one of the fields here for sure.

The sounds of bubbling creeks are everywhere especially in spring. Keep your windows down and turn up your heater if it’s still cold….the sounds are as good as the views. Edit   I never really saw Horses Grazing in a Meadow! Did youI found myself standing in an awe as the light beamed down on us. I hoped that I could capture the view in such a way that it does justice. It was truly spiritual and a day I will not forget soon.img_8835

PS: OMG, how did I forget to mention the most delicious southern food I had apart from Cajun and Philly. Tennessee is pretty well known for their BBQ in which the meat is coated in a dry rub of assorted seasonings and spices and then either smoked or grilled in a BBQ Pit Smoker so that it moist and cooked thoroughly. I never had such BBQ EVER! And words are less to describe what we had in a highway restaurant in Sweetwater,TN called “Bradley’s Pit Bar-B-Q and Grill”. This is a must try if you ever plan to visit Smokey’s. 


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